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Setebit, a Leader in Systems for Jogo do Bicho and Lotteries, Celebrates an Unparalleled Victory with the Approval of the Bill that Regulates the Sector.

Setebit, recognized as the number one platform for Jogo do Bicho operators, enthusiastically celebrates the approval of Bill 2234/2022, which regulates the gambling sector in Brazil. The company received the news with great excitement, envisioning new opportunities and growth in the market.A Setebit, reconhecida como a Plataforma número um para os operadores da modalidade Jogo do Bicho, celebra com entusiasmo a aprovação do Projeto de Lei 2234/2022, que regulariza o setor de jogos de azar no Brasil. A empresa recebeu a notícia com grande empolgação, vislumbrando novas oportunidades e crescimento no mercado.

In a historic milestone, the Senate's Constitution and Justice Commission approved the Bill that regulates the operation of bingo halls, casinos, and legalizes gambling activities such as Jogo do Bicho throughout the national territory. This new legislation promises to bring activities that previously had ambiguous legal status into a regulated environment, generating jobs, income, and significant revenue for public coffers.

The project's rapporteur, Senator Irajá (PSD-TO), highlighted that the legalization of gambling could generate an annual revenue of approximately R$ 22 billion, distributed among states, municipalities, and the Union. For betting house operators, this is a golden opportunity to legalize their operations and expand their businesses.

It's Setebit's turn! Setebit stands out in the market for Jogo do Bicho and lottery systems, offering a robust and comprehensive platform with 8 years of uninterrupted operations. Here are some of the main advantages the platform offers:

- The Best Lotteries in Brazil: Integration with major lotteries, offering a wide variety of markets to your customers.

- Automatic Payout: Automated game processing, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in operations.

- Complete and Detailed Reports: Analysis tools that allow detailed monitoring of all activities, facilitating management and decision-making.

- Automated Deposit and Withdrawal: Ease for players to perform financial transactions quickly and securely.

- Payment via Pix: Speed in transactions with support for Pix, the Central Bank's instant payment system.

- Hybrid System (Online and Street Play): Flexibility to operate both in the online environment and traditional street play, catering to different profiles in each Brazilian state.

- 24/7 Personalized Support: Customer service available 24 hours a day, ensuring support and problem resolution at any time.

- Weekly Improvements and Optimizations: Constant updates to keep the system ahead, with new features and performance improvements.

The approval of Bill 2234/2022 marks an extraordinary moment for the gambling sector in Brazil, especially for Jogo do Bicho. For operators looking to seize this unique opportunity, Setebit offers the most complete and efficient solution on the market.

Setebit is the most sensible choice for those looking to start investments in Jogo do Bicho and lottery modalities, offering a robust and optimized system ready to meet the demands of this new regulated scenario. Request a quote or schedule a free demo right now through the setebit portal.


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